Can't I Just Pack Myself?

It may seem easy enough to pack up your possessions on your own. However, packing for a move requires more skill and experience than you might think. As highlighted in the articles "6 Tips For Labelling Boxes When Moving" and "Tips For A Successful House Move", improper packing can lead to broken or damaged items. Hiring professional packers saves you time and ensures your belongings are properly packed for the journey.

Reasons to Hire Professionals

Professionals simply have more packing expertise than the average homeowner. Their extensive training equips them to properly secure a wide range of items to prevent damage using high-quality supplies you likely lack access to. This includes fragile item crating, waterproof coverings, foam cushions, and reinforced strapping to protect furniture and valuables.

Packing crews work with assembly line efficiency - consolidating, organizing and labeling boxes systematically for movers. Their packing expertise vastly accelerates the process compared to a homeowner figuring out the intricate details. You'd likely be frustrated after days Trying to pack efficiently on your own.

Hiring licensed, insured pros reduces liability and risk. Should any accidental damage occur, you can submit claims rather than paying out of pocket. With specialists packing your goods, you're free to focus on critical family matters during this stressful transition. Let the experts take responsibility while you handle bigger picture affairs.

How Professionals Protect Your Furniture During a Move

Hiring professional packers like Gibbons Removals ensures your furniture is properly protected for the move. Their experts will carefully dismantle any furniture that needs to be taken apart to get through doorways or transport safely. This includes securing detachable legs, shelves, mirrors, and other components so no hardware gets lost along the way.

The packers pad and wrap each furniture piece with blankets and protective packaging to prevent scratches, dents, or other damage. Fragile items may be placed in specialty crates with air cushioning for extra security.

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Even if you choose to pack your own boxes, you can hire Gibbons Removals specifically for their furniture dismantling and reassembly services. This allows you to save money by packing yourself while still leveraging the experts to break down and reconstruct all your furniture properly.

Upon arrival at your new home, Gibbons Removals' professionals will reopen the packaging and reassemble the furniture pieces with care. Their experience and tools enable proper furniture reconstruction so everything is steadied and restored to its original integrity.

Extra Tips

Consider having professionals pack specialty items like artwork, musical instruments, or valuables that require extra care and attention. Make sure to oversee and review the packers' inventory list. Ensure your movers are licensed and read reviews from past customers.

Hiring reputable, experienced moving professionals is worth the investment for their efficiency, expertise, and assurance that your belongings will arrive safely. With packers handling this major task, you can focus on other move details with peace of mind.