At Gibbons Removals, we specialize in overcoming the challenges posed by large furniture pieces during moves. Our commitment extends beyond moving them from point A to point B—we prioritize the safe dismantling and seamless reassembly of these cherished items.

Planning for Furniture Disassembly

Before any tools are used, our expert team assesses the furniture pieces in question. We strategize the dismantling process, considering factors like dimensions, materials, and structural intricacies. This step ensures a tailored approach to disassembly that maintains the integrity of each piece.

Careful Furniture Dismantling

Equipped with precision tools and years of experience, our team meticulously disassembles each item. From substantial bed frames to intricate armoires, we handle every component with the utmost care. Our process prioritizes safety and precision to ensure every part is removed without damage.

Secure Transportation of Dismantled Furniture

Once disassembled, we take extra precautions to secure each component for transportation. Proper packaging and labeling guarantee that all parts are accounted for and protected during transit. Our goal is to eliminate any risk of damage while in transit to the new location.

Expert Furniture Reassembly

Upon arrival at the new destination, our expertise shines through in the reassembly process. We carefully reconstruct each item, paying meticulous attention to detail to ensure it returns to its original state. Our focus is not just on functionality but also on restoring the aesthetic appeal of the furniture.

Throughout the entire process, our primary goal is to preserve the integrity and appeal of your furniture pieces. Whether it's an antique armoire or a custom bed frame, we handle each item with the utmost respect and precision to maintain its original beauty.

We understand the stress associated with moving larger items. Our comprehensive service aims to alleviate this stress by providing a seamless experience. With Gibbons Removals, you can trust that your cherished, oversized furniture is in capable hands, ensuring a smooth and secure transition to its new space.