When moving, using the proper packing materials is key to protecting your belongings. Follow these recommendations for selecting quality materials

Storage Boxes

For packing small items, choose medium 18”x13”x13” cardboard boxes with double thick walls. The double-walled design makes them durable yet lightweight for easy transport. These boxes are ideal for carefully packing books, kitchenware, decorations and fragile items room-by-room.

Bubble Wrap

Cushion delicate items with Bubble Wrap. The small air pockets provide better shock absorption than foam or paper. We advise wrapping pieces individually or lining boxes.

Paper Sheets

Add extra scratch protection with Paper Sheets. The smooth sheets prevent fine scratches better than newspaper or packing paper. Interleave between breakables or use as box liners.

Sealing Tape

Secure every box tightly with 2-3” wide heavy duty packing tape. Reinforce the bottom seams for added durability. Choose tape with an adhesive strong enough to hold weight but that won’t damage surfaces upon removal.

Wardrobe Boxes

Invest in sturdy plastic wardrobe boxes with built-in rails to hold hanging clothes securely. Look for boxes approximately 20” x 40” in size that can accommodate up to 4 feet of garments. Quality plastic prevents wrinkles and stains.

Protective Furniture Covers

Protecting your furniture from scuffs, scratches, and dust during the moving process is crucial. We recommend using high-quality Prestige Padded Furniture Covers rather than generic moving blankets.

These custom-fitted quilted covers are made of soft, durable padded material that conforms to the shape of your furniture for a secure fit. The covers prevent surface damage on items like sofas, mattresses, tables, chairs, dressers, and more.

The Prestige Furniture Covers are thicker and more protective than typical moving blankets. Their tailored design with elastic straps keeps them snugly in place on your furnishings during transit, preventing shifting that can lead to scratches.

As part of our full-service moving packages, we can provide all of these recommended packing materials and handle the entire packing process for you. Let our experts take care of everything!

Investing in high-quality packing materials will give you peace of mind for a smooth, damage-free move. With the right boxes, wraps and pads, your belongings will arrive safely.